Anna Dress pattern

I picked up a copy of this pattern at the new location of Josephine's Dry Goods. The woman I bought it from said it was a bit addictive, and easy to fit. I wasn't entirely convinced on either front, but she's been absolutely right about both.

To date I've made two dresses, three shirts, and a skirt from the pattern.


  • Started with a size 18 base pattern. In retrospect, I probably could have started with a size 16, but then would have needed to adjust for a fuller tummy.
  • Small bust adjustment of approximately 1".
  • Made the neckline approximately 1.5" narrower; and 1" higher.
  • Removed the back shaping by squaring up the back.

Colour blocked Anna dress. It's not Patrick-perfect but it's growing on me. Last thing to do is the hem.

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So close yet so far. I'll unpick those two seams so I can get the stripes lining up.

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